Sunday, 1 February 2015

*REVIEW* CANDYLIPZ - How Kylie Jenner got her pout!

So if youv'e found yourself on this blog post then you are most probally searching for the kylie Jenner lips!

What if I told you I may 98% know what shes useing? would you believe me? I WOULD!
Miss Jenner is too young to be having fillers or any cosmetic procedure as her body has not fully developed into its adult form ( hard to believe right HA!)

What I believe Kylie Jenner is useing is Candylipz Lip Plumper by DR. Thienna Ho and heres why. 

Kylies lip surgury speculation started when her lips starting inflating, at first it was lipliner, but then lipliner isnt 3D!?.. her lips varied in size in every post, one day theyl be covering up half of her face and the next they will be really natural and pouty. This is something you cant achieve with Lip injections they will only go DOWN in time! 

In Kylies Pacsun Collection Photoshoot, she is sporting a double lobed lip, this is most definetly out of the blue as kylie never has this! THIS was then i was 100% sure she was useing candylipz! See the photo below. 

Kylie was also said to be at the Wango Tango in 2013 where there were gift bags with Candylipz inside for celebrities to try out! from then on is when kylies lips started to grow! it cant be a councidence! 

Below is a video I filmed demonstrating Candylipz.  Please like and subscribe! 

Retail Price: $69.99 Each or $120 Set

Final Verdict:
After useing these plumpers for about 2 months now, I have to say these are the best thing ive come across!, I dont have dramatically thin lips, but i dont have that plumpness i want to apply lipstick beautifully and it shows! I was sick of overlining as I would accidently change my lip shape 4 times a week!  This is the best socution ive come across! 


Candylipz lip plumper c/o Candylipz [LINK]

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